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In a portrait shoot, the person to be photographed is always in the center of the picture. The background is usually faded out or is only marginally recognizable.


Portrait photography can be divided into various categories such as beauty/fashion/sensual nudes and couple photo shoots.


Depending on your wishes, all portraits can be photographed both in the studio and on location, e.g. in nature or at a location of your choice.

Portrait: Text

With most of your previous photos, have you had the feeling that you don't look good in the photos?

Photogenic images

Then I can calm you down. It's my job to help you look photogenic in the photos.


Where does this thought come from?

Usually, most of the people in the photos smile on command. Then when you look at the results you're dissatisfied, then you imagine you're not photogenic. I can tell you, you are wrong. My experience has taught me that every person is photogenic.


Natural photos

I photograph you as you are and guide you sensitively through the shooting. In doing so, I get to know your good sides more and more and put them in the limelight. I choose different perspectives and thus emphasize your natural advantages. As a result, I create unique portrait photos for you.

Photos that make you happy

You will be satisfied with the results and your self-esteem will increase enormously thanks to the good pictures. You will like to look at the pictures yourself and your friends and families will also be amazed by the portrait photos.

Capturing Acai
Portrait: Funktionen

Have I aroused your interest and you want to know more?

Then I look forward to hearing from you.

Portrait: Text
Portrait: Text
Ansicht der Schauspielerin durch Sucher

What I'm interested in?

Who is the person I have in front of my camera? What does she have to say, what character traits characterize the person and what are her hobbies? If she is particularly cheerful, she laughs a lot or if she is more serious and thinks a lot. Is sport her life?


Before the photo shoot with me you can think about the following:

  • For what purpose do you want to use the photos mainly?

  • Where do you want to do the photo shoot, in the studio, outdoors, etc.?

  • What clothes do you want to wear? You are also welcome to discuss this with me in advance.

Portrait: Galerie
Portrait: Kontakt

Have I aroused your interest and you want to know more?

Then I look forward to hearing from you.

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