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portrait workshops

Better to photograph people

I'll show you how I photograph portraits with a model and what's important to me. You will learn my approach and the tricks I use. You have enough time to take pictures yourself.

Portrait Workshop: Dienstleistungen


portrait workshops

what am i showing you

  • my approach to my portraits

  • what I pay attention to

  • what settings do i use

  • how I use the natural light

  • how to communicate with the model

  • I help with questions

  • pass on my tips

We have fun together in portrait photography and exchange ideas with each other. My goal is also to make new contacts with like-minded people  tie

Portrait Workshop: Text


Duration: 3 hours

Location: Outdoor in the vicinity of Lucerne

Deadline: After  agreement

Cost: CHF 190.00

Portrait Workshop: Funktionen

meeting  Requests

  1. If you are interested in the portrait workshop , fill out the form!

  2. I'll pick up within 24 hours  contact you.

  3. We make an appointment together.

  4. Then you can soon look forward to putting what you have learned into practice  apply.

Thanks for sending!

Portrait Workshop: Angebot
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