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The photographer

Sacha Kappeler

Hi, my name is Sacha and yes, the name is spelled correctly, but it is pronounced Sascha as usual. Why this spelling? This is the English spelling  and that's because I was born in Australia.

I'm a photographer, chocolate freak and family man.

Actually, I photograph people and real estate for individuals and companies. In reality, I observe people, listen to them and communicate with them.

Give as a photographer  I give a few instructions every now and then and press the camera shutter button in between.  I help people who  standing in front of my camera to shoot the best possible portrait. 

I take photos because I can help capture memories, get a new job, get yourself featured on social media, take your business to the next level, or just to have fun at a photoshoot.

Let's have fun together and be happy about the resulting pictures.

Nice to meet you.

If you contact me by phone, email or the contact form we can discuss your questions.

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my values

Professional attitude

Quality results

Personal care

I'm here for you

my passion

your success


Simple and convenient

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Have I aroused your interest and you want to know more?

Then I look forward to hearing from you.

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